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Brett Ward Limited has carried out the following projects for clients:

  • e-Learning System. Maintenance of a tool in a e-Learning system publication chain. Java, XMLBeans, XML, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Ext-JS, Linux.

  • GSM Base Station Tools. Design, build, test and maintain a variety of tools to install, configure, test, monitor and control GSM base stations. Java, C++ (MSVC and gcc), Windows, Linux, database (ADO, ODBC, Access, MySQL), XML, various GSM protocol suites.

  • CORBA migration. Evaluation OmniORB as a replacement for VisiBroker. Convert a system consisting of about a dozen server, client and combined applications to OmniORB.

  • Web browser / mobile phone integration. Integrating various versions of Microsoft Mobile Explorer onto various mobile phones, a total of five porting jobs. Brett Ward Limited was a Microsoft Mobile Explorer System Integrator. Embedded C, TCP/IP, GSM.

  • Web site debugging. The client's web site had stopped working following some changes and half the transactions were not being recorded in the database; his usual technical resource was not available. The problem was diagnosed and a workaround implemented within a few hours. Technologies involved: IIS, ASP, HTML, VBScript, Access 2000.

  • Database restructuring. Convert a database from DBF files to Access. Restructure and optimise performance, and add new features. Before: one particular operation took seven days to run. After: two minutes. Access 97, VB.

  • Image processing. Machine vision system for setup of a machine tool. Before: minimum setup time 20 minutes for a skilled operator. After: typical setup time two minutes for an unskilled operator. Visual C++, MFC, VB. Image processing system: WiT.

  • Image processing. Development of machine vision QA system. Visual C++, MFC, VB. Image processing system: WiT.

  • Video processing. Bug fixing and enhancement of a video processing and image processing application. Visual C++, MFC. Image processing system: HIL/HAIL.

  • DVB - Digital TV - Turbo Internet - e-commerce. System design, supplier and product evaluation, recruitment etc, to support the development of a large e-commerce system to be delivered by satellite, combined with a digital TV channel and a Turbo Internet service. Technologies used include DVB, MPEG-2, SQL Server, Visual C++, TCP/IP.

  • Visual C++ - Windows NT - SDH communications. Maintenance and continued development of Node Managers using CMISE protocols to manage SDH node equipment.

  • Sybase / Windows client-server development. Maintenance of parts of a large three-level client-server commercial Sybase application, including production of a new data feed subsystem. Technologies used include Transact-SQL, db-Library, and Unix C programming on Sun hardware, and Windows C programming and Visual Basic at the front end.

  • Microsoft Access Performance Optimisation. Work done to improve the performance of a batch function in an Access database system. A particular operation which started off taking around thirty hours ended up taking less than half an hour.

  • Financial Modelling System. Maintenance of a financial modelling system written in Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel, including development of a subsystem to transfer data between the two applications.

  • Multimedia CD-ROM Beta Testing. Beta testing of a multimedia CD-ROM title for an academic publisher.

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